Sweet Swedish (Swedish Massage)

60min $95 ***** 75min $115 ***** 90min $140 ***** 120min $190

The most popular massage for increasing circulation, reducing stress and relieving pain and tension. Highly recommended for those receiving their first massage

Rocky Road (Deep Tissue Massage)

60min $105 ***** 75min $130 ***** 90min $150 ***** 120min $210

For people that are experiencing chronic pain or just like a deeper massage. Trigger points are manipulated to release tension, restoring muscle integrity and overall body balance.

Marathon Massage (Sports Therapy Massage)

60min $105 ***** 75min $130 ***** 90min $150 ***** 120min $210

Muscle or joint discomfort or tension is treated with a firm full body massage to release tension and relieve pain, using massage oils containing warming and pain relieving properties.

Toes Up

30min $85 ***** 45min $110

By applying pressure to specific points on the feet, this natural healing art increases circulation and optimizes the health and function of corresponding organs and glands in the body. We invite you to rebalance your mind, body and soul.

Skin Care

All Facials include a soothing facial, décolleté, hand & arm, foot, and scalp massage! All facials except for the express will last 1hr

Hidden Oasis Signature Facial $95

Our highly trained esthetician will analyze your skin and tailor the facial to make your skin the brightest it can be. Skin will be deeply cleansed and exfoliated; soothing creams will be applied followed by one of our botanical masks! After your treatment you can enjoy a complimentary organic fruit smoothie while imagining yourself in your own hidden oasis.

Aztec Facial $120

Suffering from acneic skin? Our Aztec facial was designed to rid your skin of impurities. Skin will be gently exfoliated and cleansed. An application of our all natural Aztec mud mask will aid in detoxifying and purifying the skin; leaving your complexion healthier and clearer!*Extractions Included*

Mermaid's Secret Facial $120

If your skin is ashen and dry this hydrating facial was made for you. We start by removing dead skin cell build up, which is often a major factor in dry skin. Once uncovered we hydrate the fresh skin using our hydrating bio-marine creams and mask.

Sunny Day Facial $120

Is your skin in need of a pick me up? Dull and unremarkable but relatively problem free skin benefit the most from this treatment. Citrus and a light lactic acid are applied to skin creating a brighter and refresher complexion! *This facial includes a peel.*

Express Facial $75

If your skin needs a pick me up but you don’t have the time to dedicate to a full facial, than try the express facial. After analyzing the skin the esthetican will perform a light facial massage, cleanse, tone, exfoliate and mask the skin. During the mask you have your choice of a décolleté or hand massage. It lasts 40 min.

Body Treatments

Scrubalicous $150

This mineral scrub removes dead skin cells and refines skin texture while restoring it’s softness. The treatment is followed with an application of rich hydrating body cream that will protect and moisturize the skin. 50min

Volcanic Revival $170

This detoxifying volcanic clay wrap purifies, revitalizes and tightens the skin. Volcanic ash absorbs toxins. Clay stimulates blood flow, exfoliates and cleanses. Botanical lotions restore, hydrate, heal and soothe. *Add a scrub to any wrap for an extra $50.* 1hr 15min

Sushi Wrap $170

A warm seaweed body mask draws out toxins and restores skin vitality. Bio Marine lotions are applied though a light massage before and after seaweed mask to increase the circulation and smoothness of skin. *Add a scurb to any wrap for an extra $50.* 1hr 15min

Back Facial $170

Your back deserves as much attention as your face, not just during the summer but all year round. Our back facial includes exfoliation, essential oil treatment, special mud mask, and a light moisturizing massage. 60min


Pedi-Quick $45

Our express pedicure includes nail and cuticle grooming, followed by a light massage and polish. 30 min

Twinkle Toes Pedicure $65

Your feet will sparkle after our Twinkle Toe treatment. After a good buffing of calluses Your feet and leg will then be massaged and a stimulating mud mask applied. 40min

Callous Be Gone! $25

After your pedicures do you feel like your feet still have calluses? Do your calluses add a few centimeters to your natural height? Tired of hiding your feet in enclosed shoes? Let our trained foot specialist make them disappear using natural creams and buffing methods. No scary metal scrappers here, we get the job done the old fashion way! *Time varies.*


Mani-Quick $25

A detailed manicure in a minimum amount of time. Nails are perfectly filed and shaped, followed by a gentle exfoliation. Complete your manicure with a choice of nail color. 30min

Mani-Makeover $35

In addition to cuticle and nail shaping, hands and arms will be massaged and then treated to a hydrating mask. 50min

Wellness/Add Ons

Ear Candeling $70

Ear Candling/Coning is used to remove wax buildup and bacteria from the ear. A hollow candle is placed in the ear and lit. This creates a vacuum which pulls the wax, fungus, yeast, Candida and other debris out of the ear and up into the bottom of the candle .

Signature Foot Massage $30

An extravagance for your feet! Relax your feet with a warm soothing foot massage, Exfoliation and application of essential oils for an experience that will leave your feet in a state of absolute bliss! 20 min

Signature Hand and Arm Massage $30

An extravagance for your Hand and Arms! Relax your feet with a warm soothing foot massage, Exfoliation and application of essential oils for an experience that will leave your feet in a state of absolute bliss! 20 min

Scalp Treatment $55

A stimulating and de-stressing scalp massage with essential oils that increases the circulation to the scalp and works out the kinks in your neck. 20 min

Elbow Rescue $55

If you have rough, darkened, scaly or pimply elbows, restore them to a smooth, refined look with this powerful exfoliation treatment and wrap. Dissolves away the dead skin, leaving in its' place a soft, rehydrated appearance and feel.